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How to build self-discipline: 10 easy steps

Self-discipline, attitude and feelings are all closely linked the same way that the sea, the rain and the moon are linked. Master one, and you come closer to mastering all three. Here are ten steps that will help make your life more organized. What’s more, you do not have to do these steps in order to build your self-discipline.

1 – Happiness Is a Moral Obligation

If you are unhappy, you will infect the rest of the room and everybody around you. If you are happy by default, then even miserable people will have a hard time staying miserable. Your happiness and positive mood will shine a light on just how selfish they are being. If you want self-discipline, your first step is to work on your own attitude and your positivity.

2 – You Need to Learn the Value of Achieving Something

You can cure depression by teaching somebody the value of achieving something. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be a chore that you were putting off. Link your self-discipline to your happiness. It is more difficult to be happy if you have a long list of things you still need to do.

3 – The War Is Won in The Morning

If you eat something unhealthy in the morning, then you will have an unhealthy day. If you have a late start to your day and put things off in the morning, then you will have a very unproductive day and probably end up working well into the night.

4 – The People That Only Sleep Four Hours Have a Large Staff


There is a really dumb bragging right going around. It is about people that only sleep four hours per night. Since people started believing the rumor that Albert Einstein used to sleep four hours per night, it seems that everybody has taken to following it, including people such as P Diddy. Don’t be taken in by this lie. If you only want to sleep a few hours per night, then you will need a large number of staff members to pick up the slack you leave behind.

5 – Use Help from Experts

Self-discipline is sometimes less about being disciplined, and more about being smart. You can hone your self-discipline skills and dig up coal for your open fire. Or, you can be smart and hire other people to do it. If you have college work, university work, academic or business work that needs doing, then hire the writers from website.

6 – Habitual Behavior Is in Your Nature

Build positive habits, and you will not need self-discipline. Do the same positive things every day, from running to cleaning your office, and soon you will see the benefits.

7 – Cleanliness Is Close to Godliness


Keep your environment clean, and you will find it far easier to keep your life in order. You will become more organized without trying.

8 – Finding The Positive Is Not the Same as Becoming Positive

You cannot become a positive person naturally. You cannot remove all bad thoughts with good ones. You need to “replace” bad thoughts with good ones. Look for the positive in all things, especially in bad things. Build your self-discipline by mastering your feelings and your outlook on life. Here are a few examples of finding the positive.

  • A car ran over your foot…could have been worse, you may get to sue.
  • Your brother flunked out of college…your brother is one step closer to finding what he really likes.
  • Your sister hates your boyfriend…your sister doesn’t belittle you by pretending to like people.
  • You lost $1000 on a fake investment scam…You were lucky not to lose more, and now you can educate others on how to spot scams.

9 – When Your Attitude Slips–Go to Bed

Most people quit what they are doing, or become frustrated…because they are tired! You may not believe it, but it is true. Go to bed and get some sleep, or take a quick catnap for around an hour. Your mood and attitude will have altered by the time you wake up.

10 – Altruism Will Reinforce Your Self Discipline


When you feel your self-discipline slipping, it is because you are thinking inwards. The world is a difficult place to live in, but every time you think of others, you make it better. If you feel your self-discipline slipping, give your time and your attention to others, to animals and the environment, and your priorities should reestablish themselves.

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