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Online Math Competitions

Online Mathematics competitions, also called as Mathematical Olympiads, are competitive math events wherein the participants sit for a mathematics test. The test usually requires multiple choice or numerical answers so it could be a little harder than any other academic competition. Aside from that, it also demands a detailed written solution. This serves as the proof of how one comes up with his answer. The winner is determined depending on the highest scores of correct math problems solved by the contestants. It is such a joy to be able to compete with different people who loves math. Mathematics competitions are very popular around the world. In fact, various schools do this to test their students’ ability to solve and understand mathematics. Students participate and compete willingly to be able to test their logical and analytical thinking. These two are said to be partially developed every time the students solve mathematical problems.

Mathematics is a very famous subject at school that’s why millions and millions of contestants join mathematics competition every year. According to my resources, there are merely 33 regional mathematics competitions all over the world. Some of the regional mathematics competition includes SEAMEO, SEAMC, NEAMC and MEMO which are highly known for delivering outstanding participants. These competitions are popular for it captures a lot of talented and gifted contestants. For National Mathematics Olympiads, there are gradually 68 countries doing the competition. Some of them are China, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Italy, United States and Mexico. United States is one of top countries to do National Mathematics Olympiads. United States categorizes the competition to 6 divisions: National Elementary School Competition (grades k-6), National Middle School Competitions (grades 6-8), National High School Competitions (grades 9-12), National College Competition, Regional Competitions and United States External Links.

There is also International Mathematics Competition. Joining the International Mathematics Competition is the dream of every math competitors. The very best of mathematicians gather and compete in order to win the medal. Some of the International Mathematics Competitions include A+Click Math Challenge which is an international online competition, Archimedean Challenge which is preferably 4 months long competition for ages 13-18 years old, International Mathematical Olympiad or the IMO, World Maths Day (WMD), China Girls Mathematical Olynpiad (CGMO), World Mathematics Challenge and many more. IMO or International Mathematical Olympiad is the oldest international Olympiad. This was established since 1959. Thousands of participants join IMO. They are by far the best competitors in math. Mathematics Competitions are very open to participants nowadays. As a matter of fact, there are several online mathematics competitions today that most of us can surely and easily join to. This is such a great way to participate and compete in mathematics competition. In accordance with the world’s math record, the largest online math competition consisted of 1,204,766 participants in 2010. This was achieved by World Maths Day in 2010. In March 3, 2010, 56,082 schools in 235 countries joined the competition and made history to the world. There are 11,456 cities and towns who participated and 479,732,613 questions were correctly answered that day. With these numbers of record and achievements, there is absolutely no doubt that students all over the world love mathematics and online math competitions are the easiest to attain and join the competition.

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