Academic Research
Jun 21st 2016

The Importance of Research in Educational Process

Research is an essential part of any human activity. Without it all efforts could be wasted. But a few people understand the importance of research in educational process. In our post we will prove this fact.

Innovations in Education
May 31st 2016

7 Education Technology Trends that Make a Difference

Godfrey Reggio says that “It is not that we use technology, we live technology”. In the current world the technological advancement is on the rise and change is inevitable even in the education sector. Some teachers in the universe may be worried of losing their jobs due to the digital advancement, but technology will never replace teachers. Teachers who embrace this technology and use it are the ones who are likely to replace the teachers who do not use it.

May 16th 2016

How to save money on college textbooks

Getting a degree is expensive and it is not only the annual fees that make up this sum. There are all sorts of extra costs and textbooks are one of the costliest expenses students have. A lot of students might end up not having enough fees for all the additional things they need to buy for their studies.

Useful college degrees in 2016
Apr 21st 2016

5 Most Useful College Degrees in 2016

Everyone told you to follow you dreams when you were young. You felt like you could hold the world in your hands because your ability to dream was limitless. When you got to the point of making a decision for college education, you realized you had to be more practical. You also dream about having a good life after college, so your career path has to lead you in that direction. In other words – you need to make your education useful.