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Top 5 games to improve your math skills

Math games from MyMathDone

As we know, many people do not like math and it is not the favorite subject at school for most pupils. However, we somehow use this science in all spheres of our life. Math sometimes is important even in common routine. For example, when we want to buy or sell something, we need to calculate the sum of money, which we require. We also use methods of math, when we are going to calculate percentage to take a credit. Moreover, math, namely geometry, is important in situations when we need to find the best way to get to some places because using some tricks from this subject, we can simplify our path, reduce the duration and required time as the result. Therefore, math is really important in our life, but it is not an easy subject. Sometimes we do not know what to do with homework and we require math assignment help. There are different cool applications on the Internet, which help with math. Nevertheless, some people do not imagine about the existence of these resources, which provide help with math assignments. That is why we prepared the list of math games for you, which help to improve math skills. Do you want to figure out more about these apps, which would help with math assignments and would definitely help to increase your math skills? You should read our article right now!

Top 5 games for improving math skills

    • Mathemagics – mental math tricks

First of all, it is one of the best applications for the development of math skills. Developers convince us that their program is really comfortable in using. They provide a stable work of the software for iPhone. Moreover, the price is not so high (only $3), but the benefit is just enormous. If you buy and use this app, you will discover some math tricks such as squares from 41 to 59, doubling and halving, subtracting from 1000 and higher multiples of 10 and other useful operations. We recommend you this app because it will help you to prepare for various standardized tests. For example, you can use this software during the preparation to SAT, PSAT, GRE, ACT and so on.

    • Numitris

The second app is Numitris, which is logical game for children, students, and even adults. This game is optimized for multiplayer and you can play with your friends. The gameplay is very simple and intuitive. You need to complete some levels using pieces with appropriate numbers. Sounds easy, does not it? Despite the fact that this game is understandable even for little children, it helps to increase the quality of logical thinking and to improve basic math operations. Pay attention! The software is absolutely free of charge. Use this program and feel all its usefulness.

    • Sushi Monster

This software is more appropriate for children. The essence of the game is that you must choose the correct combination with the aid of addition and multiplication. It’s all presented in the form of a game with its own storyline. I have to admit that it could be even interesting for parents because the game is very impressive, colorful and most importantly helpful and profitable. Enjoy!

    • Math evolve

This app is designed and created in the similar form. What is your aim in this amusement? The user has to be acquainted with basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, division and other. When you play this game, you need to evolve your “alien”, the main character of the entertainment, developing your math skills. The application is very interesting. If you want to have fun and to improve your math skills, then this app is for you.

    • Pure math

Finally, the last app is Pure Math. Some interesting facts about this game. The interface is not as modern as its competitors can propose, but for some people, it is even better. The gameplay is simple and convenient. The reputation of the app is unbelievable because it is the most popular educational software in more than 10 countries. Developers provided various math examples, which guarantee hours of practice in the division, multiplication, and subtraction. The app is suitable for all ages. Moreover, there is a well-developed system of incentives for development.

Developers and programmers from all over the world try to develop dozens of different games and other application for assignment help every month to please customers. This market is well developed and progressive. All children, students, and parents can find the best app for their needs. You can just google some phrase such as “math help” or another one and the range of available apps will impress you. You can also use our list of games and different programs, which provide math help for students. Therefore, we can recommend you – don’t be lazy and try to find the best app for you, because it is really important not only for your marks but for your common life too.

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