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7 Education Technology Trends that Make a Difference

Godfrey Reggio says that “It is not that we use technology, we live technology”. In the current world the technological advancement is on the rise and change is inevitable even in the education sector. Some teachers in the universe may be worried of losing their jobs due to the digital advancement, but technology will never replace teachers. Teachers who embrace this technology and use it are the ones who are likely to replace the teachers who do not use it.

Education technology solutions

  1. Collaboration and peer learning
  2. Technology has made it easy for anyone to pursue their dream career from any part of the world. This is amazing asreporting to school and having to sit a whole day being taught may now look analogue to all those who appreciate technology and know what to do with it when it comes to e-learning. An example of such a program is the P2PU program that provides learning circles for those peer study groups that are interested in taking online courses together. This program is appreciated by many as it is beneficial as the peers develop interpersonal skills and meaningfully engage with each other. The peers are able to seat together and learn online together. Videos and display of lecture notes is commonly used in these learning circles.

  3. Free access
  4. Access to a course of your choice has now been made easy through the massive open online course (MOOC) that is aimed at open access and unlimited participation via the web. In the MOOC, the course content is usually available online and the learner is able to learn at their own pace and answer the questions provided by the instructor. The MOOC helps students who are slow learner to learn at their pace and it is also beneficial to those who cannot afford to pay for education and go for lectures. The MOOC encourage people to take the online courses through the saying, “The work is accessible, take the course without paying, the work is shared”.

  5. Affordability
  6. Thank you to technology- higher education can now be obtained by many through the online courses that are cheaper and affordable. In the recent days, education has become more expensive to many people since they are not able to rise the required school fees and obtaining education loans has also become difficult. Great minds no longer go into waste since students are enrolling with the online courses and they are able to complete their course and make their dreams come true. You can find you tube lessons, online questions as well as online courses that you can learn together with your peers.

  7. Data management and automation
  8. Your mobile is just more than a device. Through different mobile applications, students, teachers and parents can interact through the mobile. An application can give you updates as well as in hand news. The app can inform parents on class schedules, timings, courses and school policies. Most importantly the parents get their children results directly even without asking them. Below are some example of the applications used in schools:

    • Collaborizeclassroom : The whole classroom will engage with each easily and this makes them feel nearer through this app. The students are able to post questions and answer them right from where they are. Others are able to comment and give their suggestions too and this will encourage even the reserved students to participate.
    • Mindmeister: This app enables students to make a presentation plan, take short notes and to schedule their tasks.
    • Reminder 101: If you would ask any teacher who has embraced technology, this is one of the tools they love. It ensures that all the students capture the details he or she wants on time as the teacher has all the students’ contacts in this app.

    All this applications are amazing and it is technology that has made it easy.

  9. Multicultural and dynamic learning
  10. It is through technology that we are able to go around the world, right from where you are seated through tapping on your device. Technology is aiding in uniting learners and bringing them closer through interactive online programs. It is through it that students are well enlightened on the environment they live in and helping students to appreciate their environment and be socially responsible. One well known person who help in creating awareness is Weiler. He achieves this through ThinkSPOT. This is a program that creates awareness through teaching the basic safety practices before one even starts the job and after you are done with the job you are advised on ways to reduce injuries and accidents in the work place. Weiler offers this program based on SPOT. Spot stands for:

    S- Speed and size

    P- Pressure

    O- Orientation

    T- Time

  11. Didactical aid
  12. Didactical aids are materials that are used so that one can assist a person with a disability to master a skill. This material is used until this disabled person has mastered the skill. Didactical materials include magnetic pictures, pads that are placed on the table and the disabled person will know the number of people who he will serve for by the number of pads. Other didactical material that technology has brought into place is the mobile phones which are not only used for communication but for other activities such as learning online and all you will need is the internet. Other digital devices include the 3D printers. 3D printing is where a computer forms layer of materials to create a certain object. This is a digital advancement that is reasonably affordable.

  13. Adaptive learning
  14. The debate on whether to adapt into the digital world or to remain analogue is out of question today. The world today is beyond that multi device design approach as well as the multi-screen. Education technology solutions are going beyond your expectation by incorporating various different learning processes while taking care of the different learning paces of students. Every particular learner is well taken care off and you will enjoy the benefits of using technology.


It is only through acceptance that we are able to embrace change. Steve Job said that it isn’t what technology brings to our lives matters, but how we make use of the technology. Therefore, it is our obligation to make good use of the technology. Let’sembrace technology as it is ubiquitous and necessary in many of our daily activities. We are living in a world where technology is not a requirement but a necessity.

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