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Whether you want to do something that will help you develop your mind or something to boost critical thinking, the solution is right in front of you – your iPhone. There is no better way to learn than through fun, regardless of the age of a person. When it comes to math, we are speaking of the most important building block of any career you are aiming towards, which means that you definitely need to try out these iPhone math games and challenge your brain. Read more
Many think that when you have obtained a degree in Math, the only career path available for you is a Math teacher at secondary school. But it is not true, there a lot of different opportunities available for the ones who don't need help with math. You can work in governmental institutions, insurance or finance companies, laboratories and IT departments of huge international companies. Read more
The 20th century turned out to be at least as rich in mathematics geniuses as the 19th, if not even richer. This is not strange at all, especially if we consider how important mathematics has become in the world, with thousands of PhDs in this particular profession every year. Read more
7 Tools for Your College Productivity mini
With the advance in technology, you no longer need to struggle with the busy schedule and wonder how you can manage to complete all your tasks. There are tools for every possible task that can help you speed up the completion, increase your productivity and help you meet the set deadline. Read more
This time, the lessons are dedicated to make your life easier. How awesome is that? Well, we have compiled a list of some of the cool math tips that will make your life easier and make you realise that math is fun. Read more

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