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Top 10 Summer Camps and Programs for Students

Summertime is all about making friends and having fun. However, young students also develop important values and skills. They learn how to collaborate in teams, and they discover a new dimension of learning. It’s amazing how math homework becomes something fun to do at summer camp.

Are you looking for the ideal summer camp for your kid? Let’s take a look at the top 10 summer camps and programs that offer great opportunities for learning, socializing, and developing new skills.

1. Cheley Colorado Camp – Challenge Program

The first appeal of this summer camp is its location. Nature is absolutely breathtaking. Both boys and girls can attend this camp, starting at 9 years old. There are several programs available: backpacking, horseback riding, hiking, art, target sports, climbing, mountain biking, challenge, and more.

The challenge program is an obstacle course that requires the participants to use their body and mind to succeed. The group and personal challenges result with positive changes in children’s characters. They boost their self-confidence, and they become aware of each detail before trying to solve a problem.

2. John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Most summer camps in the USA are focused on athletics and physical challenges, and that’s perfectly fine. But, what happens with children who are not that talented in athletics, but incline towards developing academic skills? Luckily, there are programs for them, too. John Hopkins Center offers summer programs for grades 2-6 and 7-12. The programs are available on several locations in the USA.

The program is focused on providing intellectual challenges that are different from what students get at school and at home. They meet bright young people with similar skills and interests. Your kid will choose a specific area of interest, and he/she will take one course during the three-week session.

3. Camp Timberlane

This is a camp for boys aged 8-15, located in Woodruff, Wisconsin. It is mostly focused on building friendships and encouraging kids to play and explore nature. The program inspires boys to grow into happy, socially successful, and dynamic adults. It’s a classic summer camp that every boy would love to attend.

The website allows you to take a virtual tour around the camp, so don’t miss to explore this wonderful location before making the final decision.

4. National Computer Camps

This is a program that teaches youngsters to code, develop smartphone apps, design video games, develop web pages, and learn lots of things about computers. Plus, the participants make friends and take part in fun activities that don’t revolve only around computers.

The chosen locations for 2016 are the campuses of Fairfield University, Oglethorpe University, and Baldwin Wallace University. Your kid can attend residential, all day, or morning only program. The camp is open for 6-18-year-olds.

5. Tripp Lake Camp

This is a great camp for girls, who engage in fun activities and develop strong friendships throughout seven weeks. The diverse programs include wall climbing, waterskiing, art shops, theatre performances, land sports, outdoor living, special events, and more.

The oldest age groups have the role of leaders, who inspire the rest to do their best work throughout the new activities.

6. Camp BizSmart

This is a camp for young students who show an interest in developing business skills. It’s focused on solving actual business problems from innovative companies. These are the programs available to choose from:

– Aspiring young entrepreneurs (11-15 and 16-19 years) – International workshops – Bilingual Chinese workshops – Teen Invention Convention

The camp is at Stanford University, Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Microsoft, and The Punahou School. The locations themselves make the attendants feel like responsible individuals who are about to change the world.

7. KSU Math Circle

This summer program is provided by the Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. It lasts for two weeks, and it’s intended for high-school students. If your son/daughter loves solving math assignments, then this is the perfect program to go for.

The students learn new math skills and collaborate to solve challenging programs. They work in small teams with a mathematician who offers math assignment help, but they also attend presentations by talented local mathematicians.

8. MathLinks

Here is another great program for everyone interested in attending math camps. It’s a three-week residential camp at San Diego State University campus. It’s open to talented students ages 12 to 17. The goal of the math programs is to boost the students’ problem-solving skills and add the element of fun in mathematical challenges. The campers are placed in groups according to their skill level, but they get the chance to move to another group.

All instructors of this camp have achieved excellent results in math competitions. If your son/daughter has the same ambitions, these are the best people to learn from.

9. Davidson THINK Summer Institute

This summer institute offers challenging academic programs for gifted students. The three-week program takes place on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. The participants can earn up to seven college credits that may be transferable.

This summer program is meant to offer a college-life experience that prepares gifted 13- to 16-year-old students to get ready for the challenges of their future educational journey.

10. Mountain Meadow Ranch

This is a traditional summer camp located north of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, California. It’s open for boys and girls ages 7 to 16. The program is mostly based on fun activities that help the participants to improve their self-confidence and work towards personal growth.

This summer camp involves adventure pursuits, different arts and crafts, and water and land sports.

The Summer Is Much Cooler at Camp

Every kid deserves the chance to attend a summer camp. No other experience has the potential to develop such strong friendships, skills, and self-confidence. Pick the right program for your child and don’t wait too long before applying.

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