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Top Math Games for Your Iphone That Develop Your Mind and Critical Thinking


Whether you want to do something that will help you develop your mind or something to boost critical thinking, the solution is right in front of you – your iPhone. There is no better way to learn than through fun, regardless of the age of a person. When it comes to math, we are speaking of the most important building block of any career you are aiming towards, which means that you definitely need to try out these iPhone math games and challenge your brain.

King of Math

The first in our list is this fast-paced game that contains tools you use to reach the throne and wear the crown of the Realm of Numbers. Everyone who starts this game begins as a farmer and ascends to the throne by successfully solving various math problems.

The free version of the game gives you access to three basic problems groups: additions, subtractions and mixed. In order to enjoy more complex mathematic tasks, a single small purchase needs to be made.

Math Motion Zoom

If you are looking for a good math game for your child, this is the best choice. Motion Math Zoom is a great way for a child to learn the numbers by putting them in the empty spots where they belong.

The game appears in a form of a number line that is zoomable and stretchable and has some empty spots where the missing numbers should be entered. Additionally, it used objects to represent them, such as dinosaurs.


Mathemagics gives you the chance to divide, multiply and square at a fast speed and show your mathematical solving powers. There are plenty of options users have, starting from beginner tasks and ending with pro tasks. The easiest difficulty level comes with basic math skills such as multiplication, division, subtraction and addition.

K12 Algebra | Study and Review (Lite)

Specifically designed for everyone over 13, this iPhone math app is a great way to practice Algebra with the help of study guides and sections that serve as references. It does not come in the game form as the previous games, but it is still a great way to boost your thinking and get math homework help.

Once you download this app, you will be given the chance to try out a diagnostic test that will identify what you need to pay attention to and practice. Later on, you can enjoy the study guides and the sections with formulas, definitions, procedures and questions that will test your skills and critical thinking.

Math Racer 3.0

In Math Racer 3.0, you do not only solve mathematical skills. This game is specially designed as a speed of mind test for those who want a challenge. The game contains seven parts, each containing four levels.

The idea of the game is to solve mathematical problems as soon as possible. Every level ensures to give you a different assortment of problems that need solving, which requires your undivided attention.

Quick Math+

The last in our list of math apps is Quick Math+. Download this game to practice your subtraction, multiplication, addition and division skills, enriched with negative numbers and even indices. This game can be used as a great mind boost by everyone who wants to check and improve their fluency in memory, estimation and arithmetic skills.

The biggest advantage of playing math games on your iPhone is the availability. We are guessing that you take your phone everywhere you go, so such games can come very handy when you need some fun. Of course, these games are much better than the regular games since while enjoying the game, you are also challenging your mind and developing your math skills.

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