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Programming Your Way Ahead in 2016

Programming is becoming the new alphabet for proactive innovators in 2016. With self-made millionaires on the iTunes App Store to simple websites for self-employed individuals. Learning programming and mastering it early in any career could be the key difference between you and your competition. A major or even certificate program in Computer Programming is one of the most logistical steps you can take towards readying yourself for the professional world.

Computer Programming is a form of Information Sciences. A computer programmer is a medium between man and machine. Utilizing specific languages, a programmer tells a computer what to do and builds the framework for how it should operate in a variety of given situations. Generally, a Computer Programming degree is offered at the 2-year Associate’s or 1-year certificate level. You’ll get an intensive and competitively paced education in writing programs through a variety of languages utilized today. A more general version of this that covers more theory and design than practical application would be a Computer Sciences degree often offered at the Bachelor level.

But in any Computer Programming program, whether it is at the certificate or Bachelor level, you’ll learn to code computers in a variety of languages (Java, HTML, C++, and others) through a variety of simulations. Hands-on projects are key in this and fieldwork through internships not only help you learn how best to talk to computers but give experience in a variety of settings and languages. Ultimately, most courses will cap off your education with a final project as a way of testing your skills in a professional, problem-solving environment, as well as your creativity as you use the language of computers to build new and exciting things.

Seeking help for these projects is also a matter of creatively using technology. There are several homework help sites that have entire pages and volunteers geared towards tackling problems in computer programming. And when all else fails, instructional YouTube videos can be found in large quantities for virtually any topic. You’re not alone in your projects and many will be small group oriented, giving you the ability to talk with fellow classmates.


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Which program language is the best to focus on is often a matter of what you plan on doing with the technology. As of January 2016, Java was among the leading program languages thanks to its simplicity and wide use on mobile devices (in fact, it’s used by world brand names like Netflix and Amazon). JavaScript is also high, utilized for creating interactive webpages. SQL, a language not as well known to the average consumer, is among the top languages for businesses of all kinds. Its reach is far, from websites for banks, universities, and small businesses to mobile apps on Apple and Google devices.

Programming languages are an intensive and fascinating field of study, with almost unlimited options in direction and purpose. And those that can translate and command programming languages are in demand for 2016, with the need only growing well beyond.

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