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Top Five Awesome Ways We Use Maths In Everyday Life


Mathematics has been in existence for thousands of years now. From school to work, math is everywhere. Whether we are playing games or music, math has proven to be a vital tool for teachers and students who want to sharpen their creativity and do some practical things.

That said, what are some of the ways we use maths in our daily life? Let’s find out.

At Home

We can find a lot of maths in our homes than anywhere else. Baking and cooking are some of the main areas that require maths. Of course, they are the most simple and delicious ways of introducing mathematics to children. When making a recipe, every ingredient need to be measured and sometimes, it is necessary to multiply or divide them to get the exact amount. This shows that whatever you do in the kitchen require maths. Even something as simple as pudding.

In Construction

Any contractor knows that maths is an vital thing when it comes to building. Creating raw materials that can last for a life time require the right set of tools, a lot of creativity and some knowledge on mathematics. Some of the main tasks include knowing the right amount of bags of concrete, accurate lenghts, and widths, and the actual estimate of the project cost. These require mathematics.

Planning a Party

How about planning an awesome party or a memorable dinner outing. Planning is an important part of a function and since you may have some guests attending, you may want to do the math. What food do you want to serve them, where do you want to host the event, and so many other important considerations that need either addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Big ideas in math will be your guide that will help you remain ahead and make wise plans.

At the Store

Most of us have visited the grocery store either once, twice or several times. Grocery store requires some good knowledge of the cost and budgets that needs multiplication and addition to make correct estimations of the items to be purchased.

Whether it is weighing the items, calculating the price per unit, finding out the discounts and calculating the final price. These are some of the few things you need to know that require maths.

Making short-term decisions may require only cash in hand, but bigger purchases comes with more understanding of mathematics tips to make the right estimates for all the items required.

In Time Management

Keeping time is the most valuable asset in this life. There are many ways to keep time from keeping a diary, setting a reminder, an alarm and more. Whatever the case, you need proper planning to ensure you manage your time properly.

Today’s world, there are a lot of activities taking place and it is easy to get overwhelmed with what we do. On the other hand, keeping up with a schedule can a lot of weight to our daily lives, but it takes more than the cool math skills to stay on top of everything.

A good way to manage time effectively is to create a to-do list of all the activities or items you need or need to do. Remember, the longer the list, the more complex things can get. So, it is important to have a plan.

Here is where we apply maths. To determine which task to start with, assign a number to each. The higher the number on your priority list, the more attention it is needed. This allows you to allocate enough time and energy to the most important tasks. Use it to think through math and you will never regret when it comes to time.

Understanding numbers is the most unique way to learn. This is what makes up math. Which other ways does mathematics make out life fun? Share with us in our comment box.

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