Motivation to do homework by MyMathDone preview
Sep 26th 2016

How to find motivation to do your homework

Homework is an ordinary routine for all students and usually there is no need to spend a lot of time to carry out all tasks. All you need is the desire to work hard. However, there are so many situations, when I am so busy that I do not have enough time to write my homework ideally. Moreover, I can even try to avoid doing these tasks because I am just too lazy to do my homework. So, what do you have to do in these situations? There are two variants.

Math books for college students by MyMathDone
Sep 14th 2016

Best math books for math students

Before taking the math exam you are most likely to spend several days reading and repeating rules from the books recommended by the university. Some students may find out that some of their math books do not give the whole information on a subject or are written in the complicated language. Those, who are looking for the classic high-quality books positively appreciated by mathematicians and vitally written, may notice that such titles are not easy to find. Among thousands of books published each year there are several must-have books for math students which may help you to pass an exam as well as enjoy the text. Check out this list to choose the best title according to your exam subject.

Preview Guide for math exam by MyMathDone
Sep 6th 2016

How to prepare for math exam

If you one of the students having problems with math tasks and failing math homework, you are most likely to be stressed before a math test. This how-to guide will help you not only pass the exam but to improve your knowledge in math as well. Even if your test is coming not too soon, we advise you to check these tips now to get the mark you couldn’t even dream of.

Preview How to find common language by MyMathDone
Aug 26th 2016

How to Find Common Language with Students and Teachers

You passed all your exams – finally a new student with a sinking heart enters the audience, which is full of other new students. It’s not a secret that student life is frequently associated with fun and relaxing days in a friendly company, but not with an active and intensive studying, which opens the way to a brighter future. In college, as a rule, your fellow students share your views, interests and have a similar level of education. Among them, you can find those who can be the most reliable and close friends in your life. In addition, friends from college are also your possible future employers, customers, competitors and just people that can be useful. The importance of establishing relations with them is hard to overestimate. Therefore, in our today article, we will find out how to collaborate with your roommates, classmates and professors.

Preview Back to college after summer break
Aug 18th 2016

How to get back into study after summer break

Oh, these holidays! Two months of complete idleness, walking, clubs, beaches, the sun… It is hard to believe that September is coming. Tuning into a working mood is difficult even after a month of vacation. When you get used to something, it is sometimes difficult to switch to something radically opposite.