Dec 22nd 2016

Top Five Awesome Ways We Use Maths In Everyday Life

Mathematics has been in existence for thousands of years now. From school to work, math is everywhere. Whether we are playing games or music, math has proven to be a vital tool for teachers and students who want to sharpen their creativity and do some practical things.

Dec 21st 2016

How to build self-discipline: 10 easy steps

Self-discipline, attitude and feelings are all closely linked the same way that the sea, the rain and the moon are linked. Master one, and you come closer to mastering all three. Here are ten steps that will help make your life more organized. What’s more, you do not have to do these steps in order to build your self-discipline.

How to choose the right college preview
Nov 7th 2016

How to choose the right college

Each year high school students should take a hard decision – what college to choose. The number of colleges only in US is about two thousands and it explains all the difficulty of the above decision. It is obvious that everyone would be lost, confused, and scared, if he/she will need to decide what opportunity to choose from a several hundreds.

Preview Statistics help from MyMathDone
Oct 25th 2016

Top tools to do your statistics homework

Students from all over the world struggle from statistics assignments. Such tasks are very hard to understand and even harder to do. If to handle statistics homework is a problem for you, but you still want to get quite high grades, you should know that there is something that can help with statistics.

Math games from MyMathDone preview
Oct 5th 2016

Top 5 games to improve your math skills

As we know, many people do not like math and it is not the favorite subject at school for most pupils. However, we somehow use this science in all spheres of our life. Math sometimes is important even in common routine. For example, when we want to buy or sell something, we need to calculate the sum of money, which we require.